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Birikiti is an immensely talented artist who I am lucky to call a friend.  And I consider myself unbiased when I say that you will probably hear more from and about her in the future.  The Humming of the Earth Here was my first exposure into Birikiti’s musical world.  It is a soothing, relaxing, and ultimately uplifting track.  Enjoy!

Shadia Mansour is a London-born Palestinian hip-hop artist.  She has been described as the ‘First Lady of Arab Hip-Hop’ and ‘a groundbreaker.’  Ms. Mansour’s performances tend to be explosive, and she has admitted that anger tends to drive a lot of her lyrics.  Many of her songs are highly political, attacking the Israeli occupation of Palestine.  Despite the aggression of her songs, she has been celebrated for her musical independence and creativity.

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Korean Breeze

Today we are listening to ‘Market Day’ by the band Kaya.  Kaya is a band with two members: Ji-Eun Jung plays the kayagum, a stringed plucked instrument from Korea, and her husband Min Jeon Sung accompanies her on the acoustic guitar. The kayagum has a harp-like sound and traditionally has 12 strings.  However, modern versions have up to 25 strings!

Both members of Kaya are from South Korea, but now live in London. Kaya has performed in many important places, including London City Hall, The British Museum, and Oxford University.